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Technische Pagina

This is the technical rider of the band "Loose".

Our stageplan looks like this (pdf version below):


1 Vocal Esther

2 Vocal Silvio

3 Keyboards

4 Drumfill (drummer is lefthanded)

5 Horns (2 wedges)

Sidefills required on large stages and festivalgigs


Measures of the stage (minimum): 8 x 5 meter

Drum riser: 2 x 2 meter

Keyboard riser (optional): 2 x 2 meter

Horns riser (optional): 4 x 2 meter


A nice lightshow would be appreciated.


We would ike to work with your crew and we require experienced technicians for:

  • FOH
  • Monitoring
  • Light

Inputlist (pdf version below):

The mics are the ones we prefer but mics with minimum the same quality and specs are ok with us.

1Bass DrumShure SM91Noise Gate
2Snare TopShure SM57
3HiHatAKG 451
4Tom 1Sennheiser 509/521Noise Gate
5Tom 2Sennheiser 509/521Noise Gate
6Tom 3Sennheiser 509/521Noise Gate
7Tom 4Sennheiser 509/521Noise Gate
8Floor TomSennheiser 509/521Noise Gate
9Overhead LAKG451
11Guitar 1Shure SM57
12Guitar 2Shure SM57
13Keyboard LeftDI
14Keyboard RightDI
15Vocal EstherShure SM58Compressor
16Vocal SilvioShure SM58Compressor
17SaxOwn clamp microphone
18TrumpetOwn clamp microphone
19TromboneShure Beta 98 H/C